Against the backdrop of the widespread and egregious human rights violations from all sides, it appears that nearly everyone is choosing sides now – be it a pro-Israel or a pro-Palestine faction – hardening their hearts against the suffering of the other side. We opt to reject this tragic polarization; we choose to stand with the Pro-Human camp. The Pro-Human Camp is about seeing people before taking sides.

Extremists elements on both sides of the conflict – that do not represent the majority – hold Ideologies and practices of annihilating or displacing the other collective. Such elements are among the root causes of violence in the region, alongside apartheid and oppression.

On the day after the war, everything must change. The people who live in Sderot, in the kibbutzim and in Gaza itself, must live securely – we shouldn’t return to the horrible reality that preceded the war.

An unimaginable number of childrens and toddlers are buried under the rubble in Gaza, as well as the elderly and other civilians. Some are surely dead, some are dying and longing to be saved, and the numbers are only increasing.